The Walking Dead 10×22: get to know Negan’s past



The 10th season of The Walking Dead came to an end with an electrifying episode that reveals more details about Negan’s past. Knowing his love story with Lucille, his deceased wife, it becomes easier to understand many things done by the character over the seasons.

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More details of episode 10×22 of The Walking Dead

The episode plunged into the story of Negan and Lucille, played by real-life married stars, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton. As you would expect from a powerful season finale, the episode showed the source of his overwhelming love and how the loss of his wife was the catalyst for all the horrible things the character did throughout the series.

With a mix between flashback and the past, it all starts with Negan being exiled from Alexandria by Carol. He has several views on his leadership and, the next morning, returns to the place where Rick cut his throat, at the end of season 8 of TWD.

He is looking for Lucille and finds her buried in the earth. Then, the flashbacks show how Negan was not such a good person even in the pre-apocalyptic world. He has already hurt a man to the point that he needs to be hospitalized and depended on his wife to pay the bills while staying at home playing video games.

As if that wasn’t enough, he still cheated on Lucille with his best friend! It is only when Negan discovers that his wife has cancer that he really begins to value her. When the apocalypse arrives, surprisingly the two seem more and more in love while Negan needs to take care of his wife with what little he has managed to gather.

When the refrigerator where he kept Lucille’s meds fails, he needs to go outside to look for new doses and keep her alive. The search lasts six weeks and he has to fight a doctor to get the doses. However, he fails to return home in time and discovers that she has become a Walker. Before that, she still tied herself to the bed to avoid hurting him when her husband returned.

So, Negan needs to make a difficult decision and burn the house with his wife inside. At present, a group of Walkers reaches where he is and Negan must use his baton, named after his wife, to defend himself. He is upset when the baton breaks and talks about how he misses Lucille and is willing to fight for her.

At the end of the final episode of Season 10 of The Walking Dead, Negan returns to Alexandria and demands his place while Maggie watches, furious.

The 11th season of TWD opens on August 22 and will feature 24 episodes, divided into two halves of 12 chapters each.

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