The Walking Dead 10×21: Carol and Daryl split up


Soups and bicycles were the focus of this new episode of the 10th season of The Walking Dead. After breaking up, Carol and Daryl reflect on their friendship after having their first fight. With a relatively quiet episode, the season seems to be reaching its peak as the end draws near.

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More details of episode 10×21 of The Walking Dead

It seems strange to say that the new episode of TWD had a kind of … domestic vibe! After all, the characters are generally battling dangerous and lethal zombies or dealing with some new villain, since a post-apocalyptic world is not exactly synonymous with security. However, it was exactly how this new chapter was portrayed.

After having a fight, Daryl and Carol leave the hut with the Dog. For those who do not remember, one of the last episodes of the 10th season of The Walking Dead showed how Daryl found his pet companion and how he is a symbol of his first and greatest love.

Things are kind of weird between them, but the two are great friends and Daryl offers his knife so she can protect herself. When they arrive in Alexandria, the two separate and, to Daryl’s surprise, the Dog prefers to stay with Carol.

Carol starts talking to the animal to feel better. According to her, it was true when she said that she did not need an apology from Daryl and that she expects him to return. After all, he always comes back.

Meanwhile, Daryl is leaving when his bike breaks. Luckily for him – which is also strange to say -, he comes across a group of zombies and, after killing them, gets a stock of very useful items, including a new knife. He decides to return to Alexandria and finds Carol again. The two ask what happened to the other and answer that it was the same as always.

Before Daryl’s return, Carol made soup after a real adventure to try to catch a mouse. Daryl did not want to eat this soup and did not ask for his knife back either, being symbols that his friendship remains intact.

Then that’s it. Basically, the 10×21 episode of TWD showed Carol cooking and Daryl fixing his bike. It may seem like an episode out of the series’ standards, but we are sure that the next ones will be full of action as we better understand the new army that arrived in the universe of the series.

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