The Walking Dead 10×20: Juanita is interrogated


The 10th season of The Walking Dead (TWD) continues to explore what the apocalypse does to the survivors’ morale. After a terrifying episode with a character who forced his own brother to kill his wife and children, Juanita, Zeke, Eugene and Yumiko must deal with the mysterious soldiers in the white and red armor.

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More details of the 10×20 episode of The Walking Dead

The episode broadcast on Sunday (21) resumed the events of the season finale. Juanita, Zeke, Eugene and Yumiko were cornered by soldiers in white and red armor. They try to fight, but end up captured.

Juanita seems very concerned about her new friends and, after Yumiko is injured, she tries to keep her awake at any cost. This concern can even be a danger to the team, as it seems ready to do anything that protects friends, but without thinking about the consequences afterwards. In contrast, the other three are already more used to sacrifices and know that it is not always possible to save everyone.

Eugene hopes that these soldiers have some connection to Stephanie. He believes that soldiers may not be so bad – which is practically a beginner’s mistake in TWD. Their beliefs go down the drain when Juanita begins to be questioned; but not before she has to be naked for soldiers to check that she has no zombie bites.

The interrogation is violent and she remembers some old traumas. Fortunately, Zeke manages to invade the interrogation place and the game turns. Now, they are the ones who interrogate the soldiers to find out more about where they are and what the purpose of this army is. The problem is that the soldier does not know much about the organization itself and the best they can do in response is that the army “works for the benefit of all”.

The group decides that it is better to hold the soldier hostage. However, this is exactly where Juanita becomes an inconvenience. Out of mercy, he decides to take off his handcuffs in an attempt to negotiate. Obviously, he finds a way to warn the other soldiers and the group is found by more people in full armor.

The episode ends without knowing what will happen to them and whether the Princess’s actions helped or hindered them. Therefore, we can only wait for the new episode – broadcast next Sunday (28) to find out.

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