The waiters – robots are here: Rotender


Anyone who has ever worked behind the bar of a cocktail bar or a night pub, knows that things are not like in the movies The Coyote Bar or Cocktail: There is no time to start filigreeing with the shaker or choreography on the bar. You have to serve drinks at full speed if the place is full, take the money and quickly place the next order.

And like that of constant and mechanical work, knowing how to do technology very well, here we have a robot-waiter.


The private company Rotender has thought about how to streamline the process of serving drinks and charging quickly in the cases of crowded bars and pubs. And his idea is a homonymous machine: Rotender, a robot waiter that is basically a cocktail vending machine. Each Rotender holds 16 one-liter bottles and five different types of syrups such as blueberry or orange juice, has an automated soda gun and makes its own ice.

Once started, the Rotender can serve a drink in 15 seconds and prepare more than 350 drinks before having to refill them. And instead of being behind the bar, Rotender is designed to be installed where consumers can use it and order well-known drinks such as a Gin-Tonic, a whiskey with ice, a Rum with Coca-Cola, etc. If you have to order a more complex cocktail, it is in the hands of the waiters who are at the bar of the premises.

A cocktail vending machine

How does it work?:

The first thing is to use the mobile phone to scan a QR code on the Rotender
With this you open the machine’s app on your mobile, seeing a list of the cocktails, drinks and long drinks that it has available.
Now you choose the drink, pay for it and put your glass in the machine
To make sure you are next to the machine to collect the drink, Rotender asks you to re-scan a QR code.
Once this is done, Rotender mixes the drink and serves it to you.
At the moment, Rotender relies on the venue to verify age, although the company is exploring existing software solutions to do so. The machine also keeps track of how many drinks it serves to each customer. If a consumer orders too many drinks in a single hour, Rotender can discontinue serving that person to avoid overselling.

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The machine is about to be tested in bars in the city of Los Angeles on a pilot basis, with the option of serving customers in the states of California and Nevada. Will we see the Rotender expand and create a new kind of vending machine? Or will it not pass the pilot and people will prefer to approach the bar with a real waitress?


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