The Volume of Bitcoin Exchanges Doubled


While the bitcoin price increased to $ 40,000 on January 7, the volume of BTC exchanges also doubled. By 2021, the volume of Bitcoin reached 63.3 billion dollars in all exchanges.

Bitcoin saw a new ATH on January 7 and was $ 40,000. BTC’s market value approaching $ 800 billion has also seen a big increase in the stock markets. Using the data provided by the cryptocurrency research company Messari on Twitter, analyst Mati Greenspan showed that the BTC volume in the exchanges doubled.

The chart gives a view of the volume of Bitcoin in all exchanges for the last 3 years. It can be seen that the current volume of Bitcoin is twice as big as it was in 2017. This number, which was below $ 30 billion in 2017, increased to $ 63.3 billion in January 2021.


Bitcoin price doubled in a short time

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari company, shared data on the price of Bitcoin in a tweet. Selkis said that the two-fold rise in bitcoin price has only happened 3 times in such a short time before. According to the chart measuring the price and doubling time between January 8, 2012 – 2021, the times when the Bitcoin price doubled; It happened in April 2013, November 2013 and December 2017. For example, it is reported that it doubled its price in 16 days in December 2017.

Selkis stated that this measurement also measures the speed of BTC’s parabolic * movements.

* In parabolic price activity, the price of an asset rises rapidly, gains substantial gains, and the parabola appearance appears on the chart.



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