The Flash Season 9’s Villain Setup Makes A S1 Fan Theory Possible


The villainous setup of the 9th season of “Flash” allows the fan theory of the 1st season to finally come true. The post-credits scene in the season 8 finale of “The Flash” laid the groundwork for Cobalt Blue to join the Arrow Universe. Cobalt Blue is Barry Allen’s brother and one of the main Flash villains still missing in the Arrow Universe.

After the defeat of Reverse-Flash, the show laid the first brick for the history of Cobalt Blue. When the Flash Team was discussing the next avatar of the Negative Velocity Force, attention turned to the laboratory in 2049, where a glowing blue crystal was seen. The crystal was recognized as a talisman containing a Blue Flame. In DC comics, it is an artifact that endows Cobalt Blue, also known as Malcolm Tone, with his mystical powers. The character’s name was not mentioned, but “Flash” showrunner Eric Wallace dispelled all remaining doubts about the fact that Blue Cobalt will appear in the frame in the 9th season of “Flash”. Judging by his comments, the subject of the teaser is indeed the character that fans are thinking about.

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The promise of blue cobalt in The Flash means that the series can pay off with the theory of the first season about Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Tone. When it became clear that Iris’s boyfriend was a distant relative of the Reverse Flash, it was suggested that Eddie, who is not in the comics, was a secret incarnation of the Flash in the form of Cobalt Blue. This theory, which obviously never came true, was based on the fact that Eddie and Cobalt Blue are the ancestors of Eobard Tone in their succession. Since Cosnett constantly appears in The Flash against the background of the upcoming storyline of the series “Blue Cobalt”, the actor disguised as a DC Comics villain has become a real possibility for season 9.

How Eddie Tone Can Turn Cobalt Blue in Season 9 of “The Flash”

Even if someone used time travel to reverse Eddie Tone’s death, a character familiar to viewers is unlikely to become a villain. However, the existence of alternate timelines makes it plausible to reinvent Eddie as Cobalt Blue. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” would seem to have eliminated the potential for such stories, but the finale of the second season of “Superman and Lois” brought back this plot move, showing that duplicates of “Earth-Prime” really exist in the Arrow universe. Since this is the case, there may be a timeline in which Eddie becomes angry, possibly due to jealousy of Barry’s affair with Iris. If Eddie gets the mysterious crystal from Season 8 of The Flash, his journey in the form of Blue Cobalt can begin.

Regardless of whether season 9 of The Flash is the swan song of the series or not, the return of a Season 1 character like Eddie as one of the show’s last villains would be an exciting direction for the story to develop, especially given that it has been talked about for several years. . Also, angry Eddie Tone is better than a comic book-based show revealing that Barry has a long-lost brother somewhere. And it fits with who Cobalt Blue is as a character. In the comics, hatred and jealousy are at the heart of Malcolm’s motivation to become a speed-stealing villain, and the life Barry lived with the woman Eddie loved may be what drives his transformation into a Cobalt Blue in the Arrow Universe.


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