The villain will be at the top of the professor


Ahead of his return, the show’s creator Alex Pina has revealed a few more details about the series’ villain. The fifth season of La Casa de Papel will return to Netflix very soon as the final exit of the popular show.

The turn was also caused by the creator of La Casa de Papel Alex Pina when the announcement of a fifth exit arrived. Revealing about the role he will play, Alex Pina told him a bit about what fans can expect.

Alex Pina, creator of La Casa de Papel, said: “In this case, in the pure war film genre, we also look for characters whose intelligence can be compared to that of the professor.”

However, nothing more has yet been revealed about which character he will play exactly on Alex Pina’s side. It has been speculated that the antagonistic role could have some history with Tokyo in La Casa de Papel.

This came after the pair were photographed on set together in what appeared to be a flashback sequence. It seems that Alex Pina will reveal more details when La Casa de Papel gets closer to its launch.

While viewers wait, they will have to settle for Alex Pina’s preview to Netflix about the fifth season of La Casa de Papel he said:

“We have spent almost a year thinking about how to destroy the band.”

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