The Villa are the twin faces of urban music


The twins Lucía and Laura Villa are so similar that when they speak it is common for the sentence that one begins to be finished by the other. So it should come as no surprise that when one said she liked the trap, the other already had both feet inside.

“The revelation for us was Bad Bunny,” said Lucia, who with her sister Laura call themselves Las Villa. “Her complete being as an artist hooked us, she opened the minds of many of us.”

So, overnight, these young women who had been educated in the best art schools in Bogotá, who studied music at university, and who had a grandfather who instilled in them a love for zarzuela, dressed in black, they put on very long nails and began to sing reggueton.

The reaction was immediate. Thousands began to follow them on their social networks and listen to their songs. Now, at 25, Las Villa are one of the few female faces of the urban genre.

They are currently promoting “Caníbales”, a song they recorded with Beéle, a singer who is also beginning her career. For this cut, the pair of girls got sexy and brought out their tougher side, although in reality they are two women who, without all the gimmicks of makeup and wardrobe, have a sweet face.

“Yes they have told us that and we like it, that you see that transformation,” said Laura.

And although it seems that the singers have grown up in a privileged environment, which contrasts with the neighborhood life and harshness in which many representatives of the urban genre have grown up, they insist that not everything was so easy for them.

“We went on public transport, we studied with scholarships, because it is a luxury to access the art academy,” said Lucía. “The truth is that we are girls smeared with reality.”

With the big difference that they prepared for this race. They took classes in jazz, singing, acting, ballet, music, flamenco and whatever discipline they could, until reggueton came to change their lives.

“This was where we were able to apply everything we had learned,” said Lucia. “And this is where we have been able to create; I think we came to do this because we thought it was fun and we enjoyed composing and being free ”.

Las Villa’s plan for now is to “bombard” with their music, and when the pandemic ends, do the same, but in person.


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