The “Very Strange Cases 4” Retcon Finally Includes a Cut-Out of Steve’s Origin Story


WARNING! There are spoilers ahead for the first volume of season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”!

The 1st season of “Very Strange Cases” changed the original plan of Steve Harrington’s backstory, but the 4th season finally recreates the forgotten details. While Steve Harrington started the first season of “Very Strange Cases” as a slightly antagonistic character, the character of Joe Keary has become one of the most beloved characters of the entire series. In fact, the character’s heroic arc was so flawlessly executed that many fear that Steve will die in the season 4 finale of “Very Strange Things”, which, as teaser, will have several serious deaths.

Steve is introduced in the first season of “Very Strange Things” as a popular athlete with an incredible hairstyle who is dating Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). “Very Strange Things” doesn’t delve too deeply into Steve’s backstory throughout the rest of the series, but it’s clear that he was a member of the Hawkins High basketball team and doesn’t have a good relationship with his rich father. This information represents most of what viewers needed to understand Steve’s family life and personality when he was in high school, but it wasn’t always the way Steve’s origin story was planned.

In the season 4 episode of Very Strange Cases, “Dive”, Steve mentions that he will be the one to swim to Watergate because he was the captain of the swimming team at Hawkins High School and a certified lifeguard for three years. do not beat. This sudden information did not seem like news to the other characters of “Very Strange Cases”, but it definitely became news to the audience. Steve is an experienced swimmer and lifeguard — an interesting retcon of “Very Strange Things” that can be included in season 4, since there were absolutely no hints or references to this aspect of his character in advance, but in fact it coincides with the cut—out backstory that the Duffers originally planned. Steve Harrington.

When Steve was first created, the Duffers wrote him as the captain of the Hawkins School swimming team who would date Nancy, and Joe Keary reported that in the first season there was originally supposed to be a scene in swimming trunks at one of his swimming competitions. Thus, Kiri had to take swimming lessons to improve her skills and get in shape before the first season of “Very Strange Things”, but then the Duffers decided to interrupt Steve’s career in swimming and instead make him a basketball player. Now, three seasons later, season 4 of “Very Strange Things” has finally changed Steve to make his initial swimming career a canon, but it’s still not entirely clear why this sport has never been mentioned alongside his other sporting achievements. It also raises the question of why Steve worked for Scoop Ahoy in the third season of “Very Strange Cases” instead of working as a lifeguard with Billy, but maybe Steve just let his lifeguard certificate expire.

The fact that Steve is swimming is just one of the many canceled plans that the Duffers had for the character before the first season—but it’s the only detail that viewers would like to bring back to the series. Steve’s original swimmer concept made him a despicable villain, where in an early sketch he raped Nancy and died in the first season of Very Strange Cases. Fortunately, the Duffers have completely reworked the character of Steve and created one of the most beloved nanny TV heroes, now it becomes even more mysterious than before, as new details of his backstory appear. At least Steve Harrington’s rebuilt swimming career allowed Kiri to finally use her training to dive inside out in the fourth season of “Very Strange Things.”