The Vampire Diaries: These are 2 actors who fought on set with so much hate


Certainly not all the actors get along the way they act in their corresponding series, and that is, the personalities simply do not fit well on the set. Still, it’s always painful to hear that one of TV’s favorite couples just never got around to it in real life, just like two of the actors on The Vampire Diaries did.

These are the actors Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. As we will remember, in the first four seasons the characters of these veterans fell in love and lived a passionate relationship, and although behind the scenes it was thought that they could have at least a friendly relationship, it was actually quite the opposite.

Elena and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries really didn’t get along behind the scenes and this was recently revealed by actress Nina Dobrev herself, on the “Directionally Challenged” podcast. Nina confessed that she did not get along with her partner at all, especially during the first five months of work.

“Now I realize that there is a fine line between love and hate. And we despised each other so much that it seemed like love. But we didn’t really get along for the first five months of filming.”

Fortunately, however, despite their character differences, these two professionals were able to work things out as adults and starred in The Vampire Diaries until Dobrev’s departure after season six. According to Nina’s words, she now seems to get along even better with the actor than when they were co-stars.

In addition to that, she confessed that she spends more of her time with Paul Wesley than with the rest of the cast of The Vampire Diaries. In addition to getting along very well with Paul, she Nina also has a very good connection with the actor’s wife, and today she assures that she never imagined that with whom she got along the worst she would become one of the best friends of her.

“We are probably the closest of all. We go out a lot. We are very good friends, and I love his wife. It’s so funny how time changes everything because I never thought she would be one of my best friends.”

Many of the fans of The Vampire Diaries at the time wondered why Dobrev’s character suddenly left, the truth is that this decision was to seek new opportunities in other productions, despite the fact that unfortunately he has not appeared in many jobs since it ended. the Serie.

Despite the ups and downs in her career, Nina Dobrev has appeared as Elizabeth in the 2018 romantic comedy Dog Days. She also starred in 2019’s Lucky Day. According to CBR, Dobrev also has a few projects in the pipeline for 2022.