The Vampire Diaries: The truth is revealed after the departure of Jeremy Gilbert’s actor


Since September 10, 2009, it was the debut of The Vampire Diaries, the longest-running and most successful vampire series on The CW screens. Although its finale took place in 2017, this drama is still one of the most talked about of its time. Let’s remember that for almost six seasons, we saw a regular character giving it all on the screens, this was Jeremy Gilbert (Steve R. McQueen), the brother of Elena (Nina Dobrev).

Possibly this character was one of those who died the most within the plot, but it was in the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries that he did not appear again until the end of the series. This was perhaps one of the details that most surprised his followers, so they did not stop wondering what prompted him to make that decision.

In The Vampire Diaries, Jeremy Gilbert was Elena’s younger brother. However, it was later that it was really known that they were her first cousins, since Elena’s aunt and uncle adopted her and raised her as her daughter. In the first season, when the Salvatore brothers moved to Mystic Falls, they brought a series of supernatural problems that affected Jeremy greatly.

Later, Jeremy became a vampire hunter, turning him into a supernatural creature. It was in the sixth installment when this character decided to become a full-time vampire hunter. Although most of his friends and family believed that he attended art school.

Faced with this really confusing decision for viewers of The CW television channel, co-creator Julie Plec did not hesitate to explain to her fans the decision to remove this important character from the plot of The Vampire Diaries.

“Each year, we look at which characters we think are ready to move forward, whether it’s for better things in life or for the Great Beyond.” “This year, we realized that Jeremy had truly become a man and, as the victim of so much pain at the hands of the supernatural universe, we felt it was time for him to come out on his own and start a new life. Just with a twist.”

Even veteran actor Steve R. McQueen himself revealed that he agreed with the production’s decision that Jeremy leave Mystic Falls for a while. He acknowledged that his character had been through a lot of pain in the past, and that it was finally time for a well-deserved rest.

“Jeremy has been through a lot, and the main thing is that he has not consistently been able to protect the people he loves. He is this boy who is trying to take back the power of himself, to be strong for those around him. I think in that penultimate episode, he was finally able to protect Bonnie, the only way he can.” “When this is over, when there’s nothing else I can do, I think the poor guy deserves a break.” “And the only way who knows how to do it is a new beginning. I think it fits the story.”