The Vampire Diaries: The Most Exciting Moment Fans Saw In 8 Seasons


One of the most popular and best-received shows in The CW history was The Vampire Diaries. It ran for eight seasons, launched the careers of some truly talented actors, and spawned two successful spin-offs because audiences just wanted to stay in the world they created. Most of the viewers who loved him miss him very much. That desire to revive the series leads fans to re-watch their favorite moments.

Over eight seasons, there were plenty of jaw-dropping moments that left fans on edge. Thrilling fight scenes, emotional character deaths, heartwarming romances, shocking plot twists; this series had it all. There are so many stellar highlights that it’s hard to choose which episodes to rewatch.

For no less than eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries took audiences on a journey through Mystic Falls, the Other Side, and beyond. While it could have been epic, the characters suffered no shortage of grief, loss, and their fair share of goodbyes, some still bringing tears to fans’ eyes years later.

Telling a story of powerful supernatural factions at odds, The Vampire Diaries was no stranger to high drama. With plenty of spoilers ahead, here are the significant moments that range from small tears to emotional meltdowns. Through realistic dialogue and performance, these scenes draw longtime fans and new viewers alike to Waterworks for the characters they have loved and lost.

As if the series finale wasn’t enough to send audiences grabbing their tissue boxes, the final line of the entire show would be enough to seal the deal. An iconic line from The Vampire Diaries, “Hello, brother” was Damon’s first line in the first season, and it would be his last line in the final episode.

Throughout the series, the Salvatore brothers loved each other, hated each other, and tried to kill each other. The line in the first season was almost a warning from the then-villain. Fans across the screens knew as soon as Stefan opened the door to greet his brother in the afterlife, what would come next. As the two embrace, they finally find peace after more than two centuries of pain. It was a perfect ending that left fans alone and they parted ways with the show.