The Vampire Diaries: Other series and movies in which you can see Ian Somerhalder


The Vampire Diaries will always be remembered for opening the way and marking a romantic milestone in dramatic productions about the supernatural world of vampires. For eight seasons, its interesting story catapulted a cast of young stars to fame who, despite not being on screen playing their characters for several years, still continue to arouse the interest of fans of the show, one of them is actor Ian Somerhalder.

With the role of the handsome vampire Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder won the admiration of the public accompanied by other talented artists such as Nina Dobrev playing Elena Gilbert and Paul Wesley playing his fictional brother Stefan Salvatore. Their impact on screen was such that, to this day, their fans are not satisfied with the idea of ​​not seeing them together again on screen, since their last appearance in March 2017. However, not everyone knows that there are other productions where Ian was also present.

1. V Wars

Starring Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, Jacky Lai, Kyle Breitkopf, Peter Outerbridge, Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Sydney Meyer, V War was an American series based on the Jonathan Maberry comic book of the same name that featured a horror-filled story on screen. suspense and drama. Although it only aired for a single 10-episode season in 2019, it garnered an interesting fan base that still remembers it.

The plot follows doctor/scientist Luther Swann, played by Ian Somerhalder, and his best friend Michael Fayne (Michael Fayne), as they face a deadly virus that divides the world into two dangerously warring groups, humans and vampires. The planet is seriously affected by the appearance of an ancient and mysterious infectious outbreak that was dormant in the ice and is reborn from the shadows due to climate change.

2.The Anomaly

Released in 2014, The Anomaly is a British science fiction film starring Noel Clarke who also directs it, leading a talented cast made up of Ian Somerhalder, Alexis Knapp and Luke Hemsworth. The story revolves around the ex-soldier who wakes up one day traumatized and with no memory of what happened to him in the back of a truck, with a kidnapped child by his side and has only 9:47 minutes of consciousness to find out how he got there. up there. In the thriller Ian Somerhalder plays agent Harkin Langham aka Anomaly X.

 3.How to Make Love to a Woman

Released in 2010, How to Make Love to a Woman is a romantic film that revolves around a record executive looking for new ways to please his girlfriend and trying to learn how to be a better lover. Starring Josh Meyers, accompanied by other renowned performers such as Krysten Ritter, Eugene Byrd, Jenna Jameson, Ken Jeong, James Kyson Lee, Kirk Fox, Lindsay Richards and James Hong, we see Ian Somerhalder play Daniel Meltze.

The story introduces us to Andy Conners (Josh Meyers) who works at Fearless Records selecting new talent. Andy has been in love and engaged to Lauren Baker (Krysten Ritter) for a year, but he can’t satisfy Lauren in her bed. So he turns to his best friend Layne Wilson (Eugene Byrd) for help. Meanwhile, Lauren is reunited with her childhood friend and colleague Daniel Meltzer (Ian Somerhalder) who comes to Los Angeles to convince Lauren to move to the Chicago headquarters of the company they both work for. Andy misunderstands the relationship between Daniel and Lauren and believes that she is cheating on him.


The iconic American series Lost, also known in Spain as Lost and in some Latin American countries as Disappeared, was broadcast between 2004 and 2010, completing a total of six seasons. The show is remembered for its interesting story that knew how to mix suspense, fantasy, drama and science fiction. Praised by critics in its first seasons, the program revolves around the experiences of the surviving passengers of the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 Sydney-Los Angeles on an apparently desert island, in which very strange things happen.

Starring a long list of performers, the show was led by Josh Hollway, Jorge García, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim, Terry O’Quinn, Yunjim Kim, Michael Emerson, Dominic Monaghen, among many other artists. of great fame In the series, Ian Somerhalder plays Boone Carlyl, the former lifeguard and stepbrother of Shannon (Maggie Grace) and the only member of the original cast who did not survive beyond season 1.