The Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder confirmed what many of his fans suspected


For The Vampire Diaries, 8 seasons were enough to position it as the series that managed to position it as one of the romantic programs based on the supernatural world of vampires, with an interesting story that catapulted a cast of young stars led by Nina Dobrev to fame. (Elena Gilbert), Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). Despite having ended five years ago, its popularity has remained over time to the point that its fans continue to be interested in any anecdote related to its protagonists, especially Ian Somerhalder.

Broadcast between 2009 and 2017, The Vampire Diaries showed on screen the story of Elena Gilbert in the fictional city of Mystic Falls when she falls in love with the mysterious Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon, with a very bittersweet ending to say the least. her followers. In the supernatural drama it was Ian Somerhalder, who played the dark, irreverent and handsome Damon Salvatore, the one who caused the most sighs among the public who wanted to see more of the character and what happened after the moving closure of his story with the beautiful Ellen Gilbert.

Over the years, the reruns of the series on various streaming platforms have attracted new followers who aroused renewed interest in some curiosities and anecdotes involving those involved in the successful production of The CW network. Of these, without a doubt, Somerhalder occupies a preferential place in search engines on social networks.

In a past interview, Ian Somerhalder answered questions about his life, his career and his famous character Damon Salvatore. In a game of questions and answers, the actor had no problem revealing everything that was asked of him. As expected, several of those questions referred to the plot of The CW series and his opinion on what changes he would have liked to change if he had been able to.

One of the answers of the famous actor that most surprised his fans, corresponded to the question of whether it would have been in his power to rewrite the plot of The Vampire Diaries which character apart from his own he would have eliminated between Elena, Stefan, Jeremy Jenna, Bonnie, Caroline , Matt, Vicki, Tyler, Alaric Klaus or Enzo. Ian Somerhalder without much thought did not hesitate and gave his choice:

“We could exclude Jeremy and just because Elena wouldn’t have been so mad at Damon because she killed her brother, not once, twice. And the fans still love Damon.”

As you may remember, in The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore always stood out for doing great damage without thinking much about the consequences and one of his victims more than once was Elena’s brother, Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, a fact Although it brought him serious problems, fortunately for the fans of the series, he did not manage to separate the beloved couple. No doubt Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal gave the hedonistic vampire charm, wit and remarkable magnetism, making the character a fan favorite of the supernatural show.