The Vampire Diaries: How many types of vampires were there and what were their abilities?


Although The Vampire Diaries series aired its last episode in March 2017, its universe was expanding with spin-offs The Originals, which ended in 2018, and Legacies, which is still broadcast on The CW television network. In each of these shows we saw various types of vampires, but which were the ones that appeared first in the series that started it all?

Ripper or Ripper

A Ripper, or Ripper in its translation, was a particularly vicious vampire who enjoyed torturing his victims. However, a Ripper was not a type of vampire, but rather a nickname given to those who were particularly violent and savage towards anyone. In fact, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) was one of them, when he was first turned, as was his mother. Even so, he also falls into the category of Vampire Types due to the fact that they can be created by a virus in The Vampire Diaries.

The Augustines Vampires

The Augustine Vampires are vampires used as test subjects by the Augustine Society, who were converted using the Ripper virus. According to what the Augustine program revealed, they were infected by the virus and it turned them into cannibals, but by the blood of their own species, the Vampires. Curiously, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) were of this type of vampires, but they were finally cured.

The originals

The Original Vampires are the first vampires. They were converted using an immortality spell that was modified to keep them safe from werewolves. Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) family, the Mikaelsons, were the ones who created the vampire spell. Although he was original, he was also a hybrid because of his biological father who was a werewolf.

The Heretics

This type of Vampires are also usually witches, they are called Heretics because they go against the laws of vampire nature to use magic. The Heretics are a known coven that originated in the Pacific Northwest. They were originally witches from the Gemini Coven, but Lily Salvatore (Annie Wersching) eventually turned them into vampire/witch hybrids and her siphoning ability allowed them to continue practicing magic, making her their leader.

The popular series The Vampire Diaries establishes various types of supernatural beings, including witches, werewolves, and ghosts along with the titular vampires. So the expansion of the universe with the spin-offs have added new ones that are out of this short list of the most important.