The Vampire Diaries: Creator reveals how Damon and Elena lived before they died


The Vampire Diaries, the suspenseful fictional supernatural drama that premiered in September 2009 and ran for eight seasons, concluded on March 10, 2017 on The CW, and is still it continues to be one of the most acclaimed series because of the immense fan base the show has under its belt.

The series created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and starring Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder as the brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, earned praise from critics and immense support from fans who, to date, would like to see a continuation of The Vampire Diaries, which could show you what was next for its main characters including Elena Gilberth (Nina Dobrev), who left with the sixth installment but returned at the end to complete her arc.

It’s been exactly 10 years since The Vampire Diaries came to an end, and this is certainly a good time for fans to find out what may have happened to Damon Salvatore and Elena Gillbert, after the show’s conclusion. The creator of the series, Julia Plec, confessed that she thinks she knows what happened between the two characters after the final story narrated on screen.

Recall that Elena said goodbye in season 6 and then reappeared in the final episode of The Vampire Diaries, after waking up from sleep as a result of a spell from Kai, who trapped the life of Dobrev’s character along with that of her friend Bonnie . When she returned, fans saw her reunite with Damon after he became human thanks to her brother Stefan’s sacrifice for him.

During the series finale, fans learned through Elena’s narration of the character’s fate alongside Damon. She became a doctor and then they got married to live happily. After her death, they both found peace and were reunited with her loved ones. According to The Vampire Diaries, Elena was reunited with her parents, Aunt Jenna and Uncle John, while Damon saw Stefan again.

However, Julie Plec revealed that she thinks she knows what Damon and Elena were doing after they got married and before they died in The Vampire Diaries finale. During a conversation with Variety, the co-creator of The CW series spoke about the version that she has in her mind about the characters and what happened to them during the decades that passed and they were not shown on screen. She explained this:

“I have many different versions of what they lived through together for decades. Probably, to me, it’s influenced by the fandom’s enthusiasm for wanting them to go to [their loft in] Tribeca and raise their kids before they go back to Mystic Falls. So somehow that has gotten into my head, and maybe that’s what they did.”