The “Vampire Diaries” actress explained the cameo in the finale of the series “The Main Legacy”


The Vampire Diaries actress Candice King explained exactly what it took for her to appear in the finale of the Legacy series. King was a member of the main cast of the Vampire Diaries, playing Caroline Forbes for all 8 seasons from 2009 to 2017. The point the character really came to life. Although she was briefly married to the vampire heartthrob of the series Stefan Salvatore, at the end of the series she had twins with vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis).

“Legacy” is the second spin—off to “The Vampire Diaries”, continuing the story of Hope Michaelson, whose father Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was one of the main characters of the first spin-off “The Firstborn” (the series in which Caroline appeared in 4 episodes). Alaric is one of the main characters of the series, as he is the director of a school for the supernaturally gifted, which the main characters attend. His presence on the series led to speculation that Caroline would appear sooner rather than later, although this continued until the season 4 finale, which turned out to be the last episode of the series after the CW abruptly canceled Legacy is in the middle of his show, because she will appear.

During a conversation with EW, King revealed exactly what it took to get her to reprise her role in the finale Heritage. She explains that as a young mom, she needed time after appearing in The Vampire Diaries and Primordial to be with her family. However, when showrunner Brett Matthews asked her to appear in the series finale, she agreed without hesitation, although she had one condition: “a guest role for a precocious six-year-old child.” That’s how her daughter was able to play an extra in the final scene of the series. Read her full quote below:

[Creator of “Legacy”] Julie [Plec] and I have been talking for some time about Caroline moving to Legacy. There was just always time. I needed some time after the Vampire Diaries and Primordial. I was still a relatively new mom to my youngest child, and I needed to spend some time with my family because I was working during pregnancy and our entire first year, so by the time we thought we were ready, it was time, let’s go, suddenly the pandemic broke out and I was back got pregnant. So it really was a long time ago.

A few months ago [showrunner] Brett Matthews called me and asked about my interest, and I said, “Sure, I’ll be there in no time.” And then my only question — because I had one very serious, balanced condition about my return — I said: “I just want to ask you about a possible guest role for a precocious six-year-old,” which got him laughing. So not only was I able to return to the series finale, but Brett was so kind, and Julie was so kind that she invited me to take my six-year-old daughter with me so that I could play an extra in the final scene of the episode. .

King certainly stuck to her position during the period when she was a young mom, appearing in only one project a year after 2018. This includes the sequel to the whirlwind romance “After We Collided” in 2020 and Reba McIntyre’s film “Christmas in Tune” in 2021. her appearance in “Legacy” may mark the beginning of her return to a more consistent game, since this year she released another project: the TV movie “Suitcase Killer: The Story of Melanie McGuire.”

Although “Legacy” has already ended, the Vampire Diaries universe may soon return to screens. Julie Plec, who created both spin-offs after co-creating DV with Kevin Williamson, says they are already in talks about other series from the Vampire Diaries universe. If King does return to action, fans can expect even more from Caroline in the future.