The Valley of the Star Dew: how to cook


Stardew Valley has a variety of crafting recipes that players have access to to improve their life on the farm. Although many of these recipes relate to buildings, cars and paths, there are also many different cooking recipes.

Since in Stardew Valley, players need to monitor both their health meter and energy meter, cooked food can change the rules of the game. Unlike many other raw foods, many of the cooked recipes provide enough health and energy to completely fill the players’ counters.

Before players can actively create these useful items, they will need three things. These are ingredients, recipes and a place for cooking. Here’s how to get all these things in Stardew Valley.

Updated by Russ Boswell on June 10, 2022: “Stardew Valley” will forever remain one of the greatest indie adventures ever created, even as players eventually embark on their adventures to conquer the Ghostly Chocolate. But there are still a lot of things to see and do for players who have only superficially become acquainted with the extensive indie experience. Fortunately, players can create a variety of food items that will help them get through some of the most difficult parts of the game, giving them the energy, health and positive effects they will need to solve any challenges. To better showcase some of the best food in the game, the following list has been updated and includes even more of the best recipes in Stardew Valley.

The first thing players will need to cook in Stardew Valley is a place to do it. There are two different locations, the first of which most players will have in their farmhouse. To cook at home, players will need to upgrade their house for the first time.

Players can upgrade their Stardue Valley farmhouse by talking to Robin while her shop is open at her house. The first upgrade will cost the player 10,000 gold and 450 pieces of wood. After its completion, players will have access to their own kitchen.

The players’ kitchen will have a stove and refrigerator. The refrigerator functions as a chest in which food can be stored, as well as perform a special function while the players are cooking. This includes fruits, vegetables, animal products and fish caught in the Stardue Valley. Using the stove, players will receive a special crafting menu with all the cooking recipes they have learned. If they have the necessary ingredients for a recipe in their inventory or in the refrigerator, they will be able to make it.

Another place where players can cook is anywhere if they use a cooking kit. It can be made from fifteen pieces of wood, ten pieces of fiber and three pieces of coal after players reach the ninth level of Gathering. When placed, it replaces the player’s stove without access to the refrigerator and disappears after the end of the day. Players will still have access to all their cooking recipes.

Players automatically start with a recipe for scrambled eggs, which requires only one chicken egg. Other recipes can be bought in stores, learn from the queen of sauce on TV or give to friends from the city of Pelican. Many of these recipes also have additional effects after players eat them, which help in farming, combat and many other actions.

Useful recipes in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley there are many recipes that the characters can cook. With 80 dishes to create, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who are just starting their journey as a potential chef. Although the game has an achievement for cooking each recipe (Gourmet Chef), players will need quite a lot of time (and a ton of ingredients) to do it all. For this reason, if the players are not chasing the achievement, it is impractical to cook everything under the sun.

While some recipes are designed simply to restore health, other products give players powerful positive effects that can be incredibly useful in certain situations. Here are some of the best buffs that players can get when cooking in Stardew Valley.

A dish with roots — This recipe opens when players reach combat level 3, and it’s relatively easy to cook. Requires 1 cave carrot and 1 winter root. He will replenish 135 energy and 60 health. It also gives a +3 Attack buff for 5 minutes and 35 seconds. Players must reach the 3rd combat level to use this recipe. Maple Bar — Getting a maple bar recipe is a little more difficult, as it will appear randomly when watching the TV program “Queen of Sauce”, in which players are taught new recipes during the 2nd year, summer 14. Those who have it can create a maple bar from 1 wheat. Flour, 1 maple syrup and 1 sugar. The recipe will replenish 225 units of energy and 101 units of health. The best part is that it gives a positive +1 effect to agriculture, fishing and mining, which lasts a whopping 16 minutes and 47 seconds. Pumpkin soup. To learn how to cook pumpkin soup, players need to bring the number of hearts of a relationship with Robin to seven. Once there, she will send the recipe by mail.