The use of tags on YouTube has changed


YouTube is entering a new era in tag usage. The use of hashtags, which has become popular with Twitter, has also been included in the YouTube platform recently. However, the working logic of the tags on YouTube was different. With the new period, tags on YouTube will start to work like Twitter tags.

YouTube videos using tags now have a dedicated section

With the new system put into use by YouTube, when you click on the tag in the description or title of a YouTube video, you will be able to go directly to a selected section containing the videos or using the tag in question.

YouTube made a statement on the support page about the new system, which is currently available on desktop and mobile devices;

“We recently made an update to help you discover videos through grouping content and tags. Previously, if you searched for a tag on YouTube or clicked on a tag, you would see a combination of other related content as well as content using the tag in the video. Starting today, anyone searching for a specific hashtag on YouTube, whether desktop or mobile app, will see a new custom page with tagged videos ranked to keep the best videos on top. You can also go to these pages by clicking any automatically linked tag you see on YouTube. ”

What do you think about YouTube’s use of new tags?


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