The US bans TikTok and WeChat! Here is the date


This time, TikTok is on the ban road after Huawei, which took a big blow from the China war launched by US President Trump. After the US companies’ efforts to buy TikTok came to nothing, the arms were rolled up for the move to ban.

The USA has started preparations for the TikTok ban!

Since the deal has not been reached, the US Department of Commerce plans to remove both TikTok and WeChat from the Google Play Store and App Store as of September 20. In addition, WeChat will be prevented from working on the USA.

The US Department of Commerce announced that this move was made because it threatened the security of the country. The ministry added the following to its statement:

The threats posed by WeChat and TikTok are similar, if not the same. Each collects a lot of data from users, including network activity, location data, browsing and search histories. Each practice is part of the Chinese Government’s civil-military establishment and is in a mandatory cooperation with the Chinese intelligence services. This combination creates unacceptable risks to our national security. It seems like WeChat and Tiktok are facing hard times on US soil.


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