The Upside Down could be Hopper’s best option


The exile of protagonist Hopper (David Harbor) to Russia was written in Stranger Things to give the main character a false death at the end of season 3, and is something that the upcoming season 4 of Stranger Things must fix. Fortunately, there is a quick resolution.

While the Russians featured in season 3 may not be the scariest villains on Stranger Things, no matter how you look at it, Hopper is still trapped in the frozen wasteland of Siberia, and leaving the USSR will not be an easy task.

But escaping Russia by conventional means will mean a lot of intercontinental adventures, something for which the mysterious small town atmosphere of the first 3 seasons of Stranger Things has not prepared viewers.

The climax of season 3 veered into overly ambitious and over the top territory that some Stranger Things fans and critics dislike, and the show’s only outing outside of Hawkins has been when Eleven searches for his sister.

But if Hopper were to return to Hawkins through the same interdimensional portal in which he has been portrayed as Upside Down in Stranger Things he could neatly tie up this international getaway without expanding the show’s fictional universe too far into the USSR.

Given that the dimensional rift seen at the end of Stranger Things season 3 may have left a Hopper alive in Russia, there’s no reason to think that the show’s star can’t return by the same route, except with a new stowaway. piggyback.


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