The ups and downs of “RHOBH” star Denise Richards with her daughter Sami


Family drama! Denise Richards had a tumultuous time raising her daughter herself after she moved in with Charlie Sheen’s father.

“Obviously, I would like her to live with me,” the 50—year-old actress said in a February 2022 episode of the podcast “Jeff Lewis Has Problems.” “She lived with me all these years, but I think it’s very difficult to raise teenagers these days, especially in Los Angeles.”

The graduate of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills explained that there are “certain rules in her house, and I apply them,” while Sheen’s 56-year-old ex-husband “has different rules in this house, and that’s normal.”

Richards was married to the “Two and a Half Men” actor from 2002 to 2006. The exes have 18-year-old Sami and 17-year-old Lola. (The star of the movie “Wild Thing” adopted daughter Eloise in 2011. Sheen, for his part, is the father of 12-year-old twins Bob and Max, whom he shares with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.)

Although both girls had previously lived with the Illinois native, everything changed when, in September 2021, Sami stated through Tik Tok that she was “stuck in a house where she was being mistreated” when she lived with her mom and husband Aaron Phypers.

“Now: finally got out of the hell house, found spiritual awakening, got two cats, happy alone, full of self—love and dropped out of school :),” Sami said on the social network. Later that month, Shin confirmed that his eldest daughter had moved in with him and was receiving a GED.

“I love her and all my children unconditionally. We have the ball. GED, here we are!” he said through his publicist.

The two reunited to celebrate Mother’s Day in May when Sami revealed the couple’s reunion.

“Happy Mother’s Day!! I love you so much, Mom. You have no idea how grateful I am that you are in my life,” Richards’ eldest daughter signed a selfie on Instagram.

Richards commented on the post, writing: “Thank you, Sami, for an amazing Mother’s Day. It means a lot to me. I know that Grandma was with us at dinner, she will never miss one of her favorite restaurants. 🙏🏻 Thank you, I love you so much.”

Scroll down to see all the ups and downs of Richard and his daughter Themselves over the years:

May 2020

Hints of the duo’s strained relationship began to appear during Richard’s time in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Right now I’m struggling with raising my teenage children,” the Starship Troopers actress said during the episode. “Sami, it seems to me that sometimes she does something hoping to provoke a reaction from me. It’s not easy.”

September 2021

The unrest escalated when Sami stated through Tik Tok that the reason she moved to Shin was because Richard’s house had become a “hell house” for a teenager.

“A year ago today: I was trapped in a cruel household, hated myself, didn’t eat or sleep for days, was insanely depressed, hated school, etc. Now, finally, I have moved out of the infernal house, found spiritual awakening, got two cats, I am happy. [ily] is single, full of self—love and dropped out of school :),” she captioned the deleted video.

September 2021

A source exclusively told us at the time that Richards is “saddened” by the situation, but “loves her daughter very much.”

“Charlie didn’t support following Denise’s rules. He has a different way of parenting, and Sami decided to live with her father,” the source said.

The insider added: Denise, like any other divorcing parent, is dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter. It would be better for Sami if Denise and Charlie were her parents at this time. They are not. Sami lives with Charlie in his apartment in Malibu.”

February 2022

In an episode of the podcast “Jeff Lewis Has a Problem,” Richards explained that Sami had a hard time adjusting to the rules she set at home.

“Obviously, I would like her to live with me,” the reality star said. “She lived with me all these years. But I think it’s very difficult to raise teenagers right now, especially in Los Angeles. When there is access to everything. where you have everything you want.”

Richards admitted that they had a “strained relationship” and it was “very difficult” for her to deal with it,” but hoped that eventually they would return to a good place.

I know we’ll eventually get back to where we were, but right now it’s stressful,” the “The Bold and the Beautiful” star said. “There are certain rules, and I apply them,” she continued. “And [Shin] has different rules in this house, and that’s fine.”

March 2022

Richard wrote a touching tribute to his eldest daughter’s 18th birthday.

“In the blink of an eye, you’re 18….!!!!” The Vanity alum signed the slideshow on Instagram. “Happy birthday, my beautiful Sami. I love you so much. Privately there are many more words to share with you.