The Updated Blumhouse Motion Logo is Filled with Terrible Easter Eggs


Blumhouse Productions has released a new animated logo and has prepared some funny Easter eggs for fans of horror films that the company has released. Fans are familiar with the previous Blumhouse logo that appears before every movie. There is a company name, then a floating chair, a green light, a book and a young girl. Then a light bulb and a cracked ceiling.

Which Easter eggs are depicted on the new Blumhouse moving logo? They link to some of the most popular releases over the past few years.

Immediately, fans see the Halloween Easter egg of cult villain Michael Myers in the woods. He won’t be there for long, but the infamous killer is as creepy as ever. There’s also a cupcake signaling the birthday of Tri Gelbman (Jessica Roth) in the 2017 horror comedy Happy Death Day, as well as a bedroom camera signaling a paranormal phenomenon and a gift representing a Gift. There are also snare drums for Whiplash and a comb for BlacKkKlansman, two of Blumhouse’s best non-horror films, and both films were released in 2014.

Other horror Easter eggs include two masked girls from The Purge, one of Blumhouse’s most popular horror franchises, and a lipstick-wearing demon from Insidious appears briefly.

Fans of the Blumhouse TV series “In the Dark” will be happy to see a Pooka from the first season in the bedroom, a mascot animal for a children’s toy that is absolutely evil. When actor Wilson Close (Nyasha Khatendi) puts on a suit, he is glad to finally find a job, but then realizes that the Fart takes over his life and does terrible things. It was a great inclusion in the moving logo, because Puka is an interesting, dynamic and memorable character.

There is also a black phone, which is the Easter egg for the 2022 horror film Black Phone, based on the story of Joe Hill and one of the most exciting horror films of Blumhouse 2022.

The movement’s logo is a perfect combination of iconic villains (the Demon with Lipstick and Michael Myers) with some fun elements from the Blumhouse movies, such as a cupcake and a black phone. It’s fun to choose Easter eggs, and this moving logo creates even more excitement for upcoming releases.