The update of the cast of the 4th season of “Boys” confirms the disturbing theory of the villain Ryan


Ryan’s fate in The Boys looks darker than ever after the recent casting announcement. The show confirmed that Cameron Krovetti, who plays the son of Homelander Ryan in the TV series “Boys”, will become a regular participant in the series in season 4. This means that the size of his role is likely to increase significantly, and the importance of Ryan as a character will increase. from previous seasons, in which he appeared only from time to time.

At the age of 14, Krovetti is already an experienced actor, having played notable roles in such films and TV series as “The Gray Man”, “Big Little Lies” and “Dirty John”. In addition to season 4 of “Boys,” Krovetti, along with Naomi Watts, will also appear in the lead role in the remake of the Austrian horror film “Good Night, Mommy.” Nevertheless, his work as Ryan, the son of Homelander and Billy Butcher’s wife Becky, in the TV series “Boys” is his most recognizable role to date.

Since Ryan was raised by Becca and quickly fell in love with the Butcher, it seemed like he had a chance to become a hero—or at least a good person—despite his background and homelander abilities. The third season of “Boys” shows how he gets close to the Butcher and shoots a touching video dedicated to his mother. However, his behavior changes dramatically after he feels that the Butcher has abandoned him, which is why Ryan falls right into the open, welcoming arms of his father. The Homelander promises to love and accept him unconditionally. To some extent, it makes sense that Ryan would welcome this hug. However, by the end of the season, Ryan seems to support Homelander’s bloody actions, suggesting that he has already chosen a dark path that will make him a threat to the Boys—and perhaps even to the whole world.

Will Ryan become a villain in season 4 of “Boys”?

The season 3 finale of “Boys” ends with Ryan smiling after a Homelander gutted a protester, which doesn’t seem like a good sign for the character’s fate. If he continues to be voluntarily influenced by his father’s mean behavior, then it is quite possible that Ryan will become the main villain in season 4 of “Boys”. When he gets older under Homelander’s care, Ryan can become just as dangerous. like his father. He also represents a moral quagmire for the Boys, as he is still very young and will always be the son of Becky, as well as a Homelander.

Although there was always the possibility that Ryan would become a villain like his father, the end of season 3 and the casting of Cameron Krovetti as a series regular in season 4 of “Boys” made this option much more likely than before. Although the regularity of the series does not mean that Ryan will appear in every episode, it guarantees that he will play a decisive role in the upcoming events. In a show known for its shocking and unexpected choices, there’s still a chance the Boys could go in a different direction with Ryan. However, at the moment his future in season 4 looks very bleak.


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