The upcoming Pixel 7 is now available on Amazon!


Google Pixel 7, the characteristics of which were formed thanks to information about the leak, was put up on Amazon. This situation also revealed the price of the series.

Featured as one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google has reached a significant audience in the smartphone industry, as in many other areas. Having made a name for itself in the industry with the Pixel series, Google is now counting the days for the Pixel 7. Leaks continue to grow as the launch approaches.

The Pixel 7 is on sale on Amazon in the US for $599.99.

Google, which wants to take a leading position in the smartphone world, continues to work on the Pixel 7. Along with the previous information, the price of the model whose characteristics were formed was also announced. The latest event confirms the price of the series. The Pixel 7 was spotted on Amazon in the US.

The Google Pixel 7, which is expected to be unveiled on October 6, was on Amazon’s US sales list at $599.99. Although it is in the list, it gives an error when you click on it and try to buy. So far, no explanation has been given as to how this situation arose as a result of the error.

Google also put up for sale the Pixel 6, released last year, at a price of $599. According to insider information, the company will continue this remuneration policy applied to its flagship. The Pixel 7 is maintenance-free as it launches on Amazon in the US for the same price.

Google Pixel 7 models were recently shown in a performance test. The Pro series model, which has high characteristics, managed to score 1,068 points in single-core tests and 3,149 points in multi-core tests. Of course, one of the biggest questions about the series was the Google Tensor G2 processor.

A Google processor with eight cores with a base clock frequency of 1.8 GHz is available to users. At the same time, two of these cores can operate at a maximum frequency of 2.35 GHz, and the remaining two can operate at a maximum frequency of 2.85 GHz. It will contain two Cortex-X1 and Cortex-A76 cores with high clock speeds, as well as four arrays of Cortex-A55 cores. In addition, users will be offered a new Mali-G710 graphics unit offering 20 percent performance and 20 percent increased energy efficiency.


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