The upcoming free update for The Sims 4 makes the sexual orientation of Sims fully customizable


The Sims is one of the many iconic games that have shaped the industry. For years, fans have enjoyed forcing their friends and other characters from their imagination to live together in a small town where they control most, if not all, of their actions. The Sims has always allowed players to have affairs with other Sims of the same gender since the original game, but The Sims 4 will soon receive an update that will change the sexual orientation of Sims and even allow players to customize the gender they like. to.

Over the past few years, Sims 4 has gradually added features that allow LGBT players to customize their Sims to be a little more like them in terms of their personality. The patch, released in 2016, allowed players to customize the gender of their Sims in different ways, for example, to make voice parameters not limited to gender. While this made it easy for players to create trans sims, a recent update last May introduced customizable pronouns. This meant that players could refer to Sims with any pronouns they wanted.

EA has announced that the next step towards the inclusion of various LGBT identities in The Sims 4 will happen in a free update that will be released along with the High School Years expansion on July 28. This update will allow players to customize the sexual orientation of their Sims. Although same-sex relationships have always been possible in the series, this new update will be the first time that players will be able to actively force the sim to be interested only in guys or girls.

The EA article, which details what fans can expect from the sexual orientation update, even mentions that sims can now be designated so that after installing the patch they will not be interested in sex at all. However, asexual sims will also be able to ask others to become “WooHoo partners”, separating interaction from romantic interactions, as well as staying true to how some asexual people behave in real life.

The update post also contains an apology from EA for the fact that “non-binary Sims don’t exist in TS4 yet.” This refers to how players are still asked to choose between the two sexes when creating a sim. This was the system that the game started with in 2014, and creating “proper mechanical systems to fully support non—binary sims is another step on this path” to inclusivity.

After launching the update, these settings will force Sims to continue having affairs with any other person, which is similar to how game characters behaved before. However, for those who are not interested in these options, EA sticks to its decision, since this feature cannot be disabled, since “the LGBTQIA+ identity is a fact of life, not a switch that can be turned on and off.”

The Sims 4 is currently available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.