The United States Seizes $ 1 Billion Bitcoin


The price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has increased by 9% in the last 24 hours, setting a new record. BTC, which recently refreshed its annual record at $ 14,200, is now hovering above the $ 15,200 level. However, according to a new claim, the US government can seize $ 1 billion worth of BTC and end the rally here.

Bitcoin has been climbing the resistance points almost continuously since October. The BTC price, which suddenly found itself over $ 15,000 while facing the danger of losing its support of $ 10,000, performed incredibly according to many investors. Against the dollar, it reached the highest level seen since January 2018.

Could the US stop the Bitcoin bull run?

A big breaking news was made by Bloomberg News around the time that Bitcoin was attempting a bull run. According to the news relayed through the terminal, the US is looking for ways to seize $ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin. Although it is not stated who owns the huge BTC fund, it is estimated that this is the funds that have been brought to the agenda recently.

Responding to Bloomberg’s claim, users stressed that they had BTC funds associated with Silk Road. Although the mystery of the close to $ 1 billion BTC transaction, which everyone spoke about on November 4, has not been fully resolved, there is strong evidence that it is related to Silk Road.

The operation was allegedly completed

Although Walter Bloomberg claims that the US is trying to find a way to confiscate these Bitcoins, it is also among the allegations that this operation has already been terminated. The CoinDesk team shared a news that supports the allegations in our article and stated that the Ministry of Justice may have already seized this $ 1 billion in Bitcoin.

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Then, The Block team also stood on these allegations and stated that the transaction of 69,369 BTC made recently may be linked to this operation. The address that made this transaction has not been active since 2015. The Justice Department’s seizure of these Bitcoins shows that the US has signed the biggest cryptocurrency operation ever.

Does it affect the bitcoin price?

The US Department of Justice released a press release the other day, announcing that it seized almost $ 30 million worth of cryptocurrency. Now there is a claim that the government has seized or plans to seize this $ 1 billion coin, thought to be linked to Silk Road. Whether this will affect the BTC / USD parity is a matter of curiosity.

In his response to this claim, a social media user emphasized that the money is already linked to the illegal platform Silk Road. According to this cryptocurrency tracker, Bitcoin users “don’t have to worry” about this claim.


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