The unexpected problem that the famous series will have to overcome


Since its debut on YouTube in 2018, Cobra Kai stands out for being the rare and successful rebirth of a spectacular saga that has been maintained for decades respecting and transmitting to new generations the legacy of its original story, the Karate Kid. This new resurgence retakes the message intact after 34 years, when in the 80s the protagonist of the film Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso played by Ralph Macchio, defeats his nemesis Johnny Lawrence played by William Zabka, in the All-Valley Karate Tournament .

t is no secret that Cobra Kai has become one of the most successful phenomena of its genre once it passed to Netflix in recent times, arousing the interest of new generations of viewers from all over the world, eager to know the most. minute detail of its history and its protagonists, especially its main characters LaRusso and Lawrence, along with the young cast that accompanies them.

The phenomenon that the Karate Kid sequel became had been brewing long before its premiere on the Netflix platform. Cobra Kai accumulated 90 million views on YouTube a little over three years ago, although its true popularity is now getting. Despite garnering such impressive viewership records back then, the franchise’s late continuation remained relatively unnoticed during the two years it aired on YouTube Premium. It was later that what no one expected happened when it became a true phenomenon on a global scale.

While the news that the success of season 3 of Cobra Kai secured the arrival of the fourth and fifth installments on the screens of fans through the streaming platform Netflix. This could become a real problem for the future of the show, since the figures obtained related to audience levels are so outstanding, that it will be very difficult to overcome them in the future, which could end up being detrimental when it comes to giving a rating. timely closure to the story, if the platform decides to cancel it early.

When Cobra Kai debuted on Netflix, the platform announced that only the third installment surpassed 41 million viewers in two weeks, not counting the total of 90 on YouTube. In summary, apart from the fact that the first two seasons of Cobra Kai were released on YouTube and later on Netflix, with the third part of the series the sum of the entire audience of the giant reached in a few days the figure of 73 million households that had seen all three seasons in one fell swoop on the subscription channel.

About to release the fourth season of Cobra Kai on December 31 and with the announcement that the fifth installment has finished filming, the biggest challenge facing the producers of the famous saga and its cast is, if not overcome, so Less to maintain the high levels of acceptance that the program has registered since it began and after it moved to the streaming giant, Netflix, a task by no means easy but not impossible.