The Underrated Songs of The Second Half of 2022 That You Should Have in Your Playlist


A new year, a new underrated playlist from last year. While the whole industry is preparing for new debuts and comebacks in 2023, we still haven’t finished some of the amazing but forgotten music of 2022. one article.

If you missed it, here are a few underrated songs from the second half of 2022 that you should have on your playlist. Ready? Come on!


When was the last time you listened to a fun song by a fun girl group? Well, H1-KEY released this gem about six months ago. The colorful atmosphere of the song alone should make you listen to it. Add to this a fun dance routine and a seemingly exciting chorus, the absence of “RUN” in your playlist is almost a crime against all entertainment!


CICS – “458”

This dark but memorable track from CIX takes everything to a new level. Singing about pain, desire and obsession, the lyrics definitely keep you on your toes, and the participants fulfill their role with their hypnotizing vocals. If you missed it, now you know it!

Xdinary Heroes – “Strawberry Cake”

The band’s music sounds different, doesn’t it? In this cute performance, the group completely debunks the beauty of fairy tales and everything that is supposedly considered happy. The dark twist is quite revealing, but perhaps the performance itself causes goosebumps when the participants move from one verse to another.


HEEO – “Fate or Challenge”

HEEO invites us into the game of seduction in this exciting song. The soloist shows off her charm, her voice and her movements on a loop while she sings about a flirtatious situation with her lover.

APR PROJECT Feat. Hohen — “The Scene”

Tell us about the fresh sound of K-pop, which refers us to the classic K-pop from earlier generations. APR PROJECT is a new male group called BXB (Boy By Brush), which will debut at the end of January. Together with the R&B soloist Hohen, they released a joint work that should become a byword.

from20 — “Chemical”

If from20 is not on your radar, this is your sign. The lyrics are like a lullaby for a broken heart, and his voice is soothing. And this earworm of the choir? Our author-performer definitely knows what he is doing.



Are you trying to tell me that this whole masterpiece, presented by the Cinema as his solo debut, has been in existence since August, and I just found out about it? Everything looks carefully studied and rehearsed, from the movements to the eloquence of his performance. Just wonderful!

Which underrated song of the second half of 2022 do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esme L. is a Moroccan living dreamer, writer and lover of Hallou. She recently published her debut collection of poems, “Scribbles of an INFJ: A Journey into Healing,” on Amazon. Say hello to her on Instagram!


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