The Umbrella Academy: Tom Hopper’s scene where he had to overeat


Tom Hopper has been playing Luther Hargreeves since the first season of The Umbrella Academy in 2019, he was originally known as Number One, who was one of forty-three children born at 12 noon on the first day of October 1989 in mothers who were without previous signs of pregnancy and even without a partner. Luther was one of seven babies adopted by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) with the intention of training them to save the world.

Luther Hargreeves’ abilities up to the point of The Umbrella Academy’s third season range from his incredible strength to his great stamina. Interestingly, unlike his brothers, Luther was the only member of the academy who did not leave and continued to serve Sir Reginald loyally, but later began to regret it.

Left alone, Reginald Hargreeves sends Luther on a mission, where he must stop a biochemical threat that would wipe out the city. But, in it he is seriously injured and Reginald to save him is forced to use a strange serum. The serum manages to save him, but gives him an ape-like physiology, greatly increasing his muscle mass and his strength.

Interestingly, his actor Tom Hopper is already tall and muscular, which gives the character more presence by wearing the costume of the huge arms and chest. But, according to The Umbrella Academy creator Steve Blackman, there was a moment when many of the production members thought that the star was actually just like the one in his role.

During a response to comments on the Reddit social network, Steve Blackman revealed that in a scene they were filming for the second season of The Umbrella Academy, Tom Hopper ate a mountain of steak, surprising all the members of the program. In the third episode of the second season, Jack Ruby (Holland Hayes) breaks into Luther’s dinner and wants to know the whereabouts of Allison’s (Emmy Raver-Lampman) house.

The selected dish of the day was steak, which set Tom Hooper on a one-way course, due to the scene being filmed many times on the same day, leading the star to eat every steak that was put on the table, in order to make it as realistic as possible.

“He’s a machine. But he’s very particular about his food. So he always has to be protein-based and healthy.”

“This season, he had a scene with Jack Ruby where he had to eat a steak. For continuity, we need to provide him with a fresh steak for every shot. Tom gobbled down 23 steaks that day and took the rest home for the next one. – snack of the day,” said Steve Blackman.