The Umbrella Academy: The Real Reason Luther Is The Weakest Of The Bunch


The Netflix series The Umbrella Academy follows a handful of characters born with special abilities who were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). After different family problems that led them to separate and start personal fights, they all return to the universe due to the death of their mentor and father figure. Little by little, the viewers are getting to know the powers of each of the members of the group, however the character that leaves everyone with the most doubts is Luther (Tom Hopper), especially because of his low levels.

Fans have noted that Luther’s super strength isn’t always that amazing. In some cases, The Umbrella Academy series presents us with him appearing to be invincible at times, and at others, the weakest member of the group. Especially after being defeated by the time killer Hazel (Cameron Britton) in a hand-to-hand fight. Although many fans of the show claim that Luther’s strength is tied to his confidence, an aspect of his personality that he sorely lacks.

“I have a theory that his powers are tied to his confidence. Every time Luther loses his confidence, he gets weaker,” one fan said.

Some fans have become significantly frustrated with the character of Luther and have asked the Netflix platform for more in upcoming installments, considering the potential of a man with great strength who has arms with which he could fight anything of his own. size or much larger.

Although there are various theories that ensure the reasons why Luther is so weak in the program. Some fans believe that in addition to changing his body by the serum Sir Reginald injected into him to save him as a child, perhaps his power was also cut in half. Other things fans are suggesting is the four years he spent on the moon studying it, isolated in zero gravity could also have greatly affected his powers and his body.

“Reginald was starving him on the moon. Plus he barely had room to walk around his little moon trailer,” said another fan on Reddit.

Born with superhuman strength, Luther is a tortured, warm-hearted, yet formidable character, but his use of his powers has left many fans disappointed in him. That is why the most popular theory is that season 3 of The Umbrella Academy probably reveals that his strength is linked to his self-esteem.

Whatever the explanation, it only remains to wait for the development of the next seasons of The Umbrella Academy. Especially after the end of the second installment, which revealed that each of the Hargreeves brothers has much more strength hidden within them, so perhaps there will be a deeper development to develop the story.