The Umbrella Academy: The curious detail of the group photos of the characters


As viewers await the release of The Umbrella Academy season 3 on Netflix, fans have been discussing some of the curiosities they’ve found on the show since its first episode. However, one of the symbols that characterize the Hargreaves family seems to have been showing when the main characters are reunited.

The Umbrella Academy series shows us a group of youngsters who are born spontaneously on the same day and have incredible powers. They were all adopted by a famous and eccentric billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Feore) who trains them to use his abilities to protect the world from evil. But, they become a very dysfunctional family, trying to stay on the right side of good even though it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Despite the faults of each of the Hargreaves brothers, they still try to protect each other and the world from evil, in the same way that an umbrella protects people to keep them dry from the rain. Reason why one of the symbols that the family adopted was the umbrella, something that has been shown when everyone gets together, although it is very difficult to see how they show it, the fans have done it.

Fans of The Umbrella Academy were discussing on the Reddit social network about the ghost of Ben (Justin H. Min), which can only be seen by his brother Klaus (Robert Sheehan). Because when all the brothers are seen together, a space is always left, the one that Ben would be if he were alive. However, this is not the only thing that fans of this community noticed about the group photos in the series, due to the fact that they also often stand together in the form of an umbrella.

Some noted that the Hargreaves brothers often stand together in a vague umbrella shape. Usually this setup involves five or six actors standing around a central figure in a semicircle. The person in the center acts as the main handle of the umbrella and the other actors form the canopy, just like they showed in the picture.

This formation when all the brothers are together seems to occur in a variety of scenes throughout the first two seasons of the show. As in the official trailer for the first installment, at 35 seconds where the actors stand in the form of umbrellas while also standing in the rain and holding their own umbrellas at a funeral.

While in The Umbrella Academy Season 2 trailer, at the 12-second mark, the brothers stare in awe at a giant fireball bearing down on them. Once again, they assume this unique umbrella formation. After revealing this curious detail of the program, fans are now preparing to be more attentive to the scenes in the third installment of the Netflix drama.