The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Euphoria Actor Joining Netflix Drama


The Umbrella Academy has not delivered new episodes to fans since season 2 premiered on the Netflix streaming platform in 2020. Almost two years have passed, however it is confirmed that the next episodes of the series will appear sometime this year. third installment on the viewers’ screens. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new member to the cast is confirmed.

In late 2021, Elliot Page announced that the end of filming for season 3 of The Umbrella Academy had been completed with the cast confirmed several months back. However, it was not until this Tuesday that it was revealed that one of the actors from the dramatic HBO series, Euphoria, will also be part of the cast.

As is known, the teen series Euphoria aired the final episode of season 2 last Sunday. With this latest installment, fans of the drama were left wondering if Ashtray had died after the camera caught them right at the moment when he had a gun pointed at his head after the police raid. An off-screen shot was heard, leading to the belief that he was murdered. And now, the new Netflix ad seems to confirm this hypothesis.

Euphoria’s loss is The Umbrella Academy’s gain. Actor Javon Walton left Euphoria with the second installment as Ashtray; and now Netflix confirms that the star joined the cast of season 3 of the fictional series with an interesting role. This was the announcement that the streamer shared on twitter on Tuesday:

“I’ve heard a rumor… that Javon Walton is joining the cast of Umbrella Academy Season 3 – and I’m happy to confirm that it’s true!”

Although the fate of Walton’s character in Euphoria was left in suspense, season 3 of the HBO series would be in charge of revealing what finally happened to Ashtray at the end of season 2, if he was alive or not.

Javon Walton revealed this week in an interview with Variety that his character was not supposed to be killed off in the original draft of the final script. However, it seems that this is what really happened. During the conversation with the outlet, the young actor stated that he doesn’t want Euphoria fans to rule out the possibility that Ashtray may have survived. This said:

“Ashtray is a very tough guy. He’s not messing around. I think he has a shot at being in season three.”

Walton will likely return to Euphoria season 3 alive, as his role in The Umbrella Academy’s third installment would not affect him, due to the fact that it finished filming in late fall 2021. What happens with HBO drama, is that the series tends to present these kinds of strange twists in order to keep fans hooked.