The Umbrella Academy premieres the trailer for its season 2


The brothers will have to solve new problems before the Earth disappears. The Umbrella Academy releases its official trailer for its season 2 and the war against the end of the world is approaching.

The Netflix series brings back the Hargreeves brothers to solve a new mystery, both have had to learn to live with each other after the death of their father, but they will have to solve new problems and reunite with Vanya, we tell you the details of the new season.

Through its official Twitter account,The Umbrella Academy revealed the trailer for its new season, in which time travel and a plot against the president John F. Kennedy will be main elements for the plot. The series ended with the battle against Vanya, who apparently lacked powers, but transformed into a villain and wiped out Earth.

Fortunately for theHargreeves brothers,Number Five managed to save them all by using his ability to travel in time, the family is now scattered and living in the year of 1963, so he will have to find them all to warn them of what The end of the world is close.

In addition to solving their situation with Vanya , who may have a chance to redeem himself, the brothers will face one of the most famous crimes: the attack on John F. Kennedy. Who is part of this plot? Upon his new enemies, a fish man will appear, a human body with a fish tank instead of a head.

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The versions of the Hargreeves will be much younger than in season 1. “Same weird family, new and weird problems.” Even though everyone’s attitude seems more peaceful than when they met, they will only have 10 days to save the planet.

Vanya became a villain named “White Violin”, whose strength is based on sound waves, she considers herself the strongest in the family, but will she manage to reconsider? In the scenes of the trailer she is reunited with her brothers, so we will have to wait.

The vintage and retro style will not be lacking in the new season, because when traveling to another era in the city of Dallas, the timeline will change and they will have to save themselves and humanity. Its premiere is scheduled for July 31 , it will be a summer of great action.

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