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Will there be a spinoff for The Umbrella Academy? The showrunner of the series anticipates what it could be about. Netflix released a few days ago the sequel to this series that tells the life of a group of brothers with superpowers who try to prevent the end of the world. From the first hours of its launch, social networks were flooded with flattery for history.

The success of The Umbrella Academy is not only because of the interesting plot it presents, but also because of the acting of the characters and the mystery surrounding its history. The series is based on comics of the same name.

According to the Digital Spy portal, Steve Blackman, showrunner of the series, revealed that The Umbrella Academy could have a spinoff, even more than 1, since it ensures that the actors of the series would be willing to continue the story exploring the lives of their characters.

On the plot, Blackman believes that it would be interesting to know Klaus’ perspective with his own show, they could also take into account Diego, even Ben, the latter being the one who has most aroused theories in the second season.

Spoiler alert! If you have not seen the series, do not continue reading … “Ben” is known for being # 6 of the Hargreeves brothers, but from the beginning of the series he appeared as a “dead” character, without revealing the cause of his lost.

The second season, which shows a journey back in time in the 60s, continues to confuse fans, as several tracks were presented that could clarify the mystery of “Ben”, it is not until the end that he appears, but in a Younger and more lively version, not the ghost Klaus communicates with.

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Ben’s spinoff would be very interesting to explore this character, although nothing is certain, since the series still needs to continue with a third season, the comic has not revealed how the sixth brother died either.


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