The UK “Needs Prince Harry,” Comments a Royal Expert on The Back of The Megxit Card


With the entry of Meghan Markle into the House of Windsor, the royal family of Great Britain has forever plunged into a quagmire of contradictions. Although the Duchess gave her all to try to get used to the palace customs and lifestyle, she failed. As a result, the world witnessed an unprecedented anti-royal event that shook the family to its foundations. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, along with the Duchess, abandoned their rulers of Great Britain and left the kingdom in search of a life overseas. The event received the infamous name “Megxit”, which, therefore, continues to overshadow the history of the royal family. However, it seems that everything has changed now.

Why does the United Kingdom need Prince Harry?

Life has an interesting way of proving us all wrong, and something similar has happened to estranged members of the royal family. The very United Kingdom that once wanted to expel the Duke from its possessions now seems to yearn for him. The Independent’s latest publication had what’s called a reverse mega-hit that seemingly lit up the regal island nation. Studying the legal decisions of Prince Harry on his application for security measures, the publication calls him “double retrograde” and for well-founded reasons.

Ever since the infamous Megxit occurred, the only worry that has gripped members of the royal family is a desperate chance for reconciliation. Although Prince Harry says he is ready for this, his constant disclosure actions have proven otherwise. Meanwhile, the Kingdom has badly hurt itself by depriving the estranged prince of the basic minimum of Ravec privilege. Referring to the refusal of the Ministry of the Interior to provide the Duke and his family with paid security, the decision seemed very stupid, the publication claims.

What are the chances of getting him back after the latest court proceedings?

There were strained ties between the separated members of the royal family. However, we all witnessed a grim chance for reconciliation when Prince Harry attended the coronation of King Charles. Unfortunately, everything turned around from scratch, as the king did not even lift a finger to help his junior in lost court cases. He had his reasons, but now Prince Harry has another one to distance himself from his royal base. “A historic rapprochement is urgently needed to heal the House of Windsor,” the Independent said.

And since Prince Harry has faced a complete rejection of his offer to review security measures, we are unlikely to see that happen. Thus, the United Kingdom needs Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, the chances of the same thing seem to have been drastically reduced.

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