The UK Doesn’t Want Prince Harry and Meghan Back “at All”? The Royal Author Makes Serious Statements


It looks like the first month of 2023 will be dedicated to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And it is expected that in the coming months the pair will become news again. With their sensational revelations about their time spent with the royal family and their struggles during and after they left it, there is something to absorb.

And as they revealed in their $100 million Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan,” the couple left royal life because of the harsh behavior of Harry’s family. Also, according to Harry, the couple was annoyed by the toxic and dynamic behavior of the media. But what is the opinion of British citizens about the duo?

Why don’t the British want Harry and Meghan back?

The mystery faced by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is what is depicted in the incendiary documentary, which is on its way to setting new records for the number of views. Along with this, Prince Harry’s memoirs “Spare” attract the attention of people all over the world. However, people in his homeland don’t seem to support any of the former royal couple’s projects.

According to Sky News, royal writer Angela Levin claims that many British citizens oppose the return of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the country. She also provided a rationale for this rationality, saying: “Because they cannot be trusted, and they will report everything or make another documentary or another book about it and will look for everything negative.”

People also think that he and Megan might try to get people’s attention if they ever come back. According to Levin, if they ever come back, they will want to divert people’s attention from King Charles.

These are the very people who were very excited when Prince Harry married a colored actress from “Force Majeure”. Moreover, the people of Great Britain were happy because it was the first time in history when a colored woman, moreover from a foreign country, married a British member of the royal family.

Do you also think that the couple is trying to attract attention to themselves? Let us know in the comments.


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