The two Green Lanterns were rivals BEFORE they joined the Corps


Even before there was a disagreement in the Corps, two of Earth’s most famous Green Lanterns were already at each other’s throats. A cursory look at Hal Jordan’s secret origins revealed how he and Jon Stewart felt bad years before they started working on the same team.

Hal Jordan was the first person from Earth to be selected to participate in the Green Lantern Corps space peacekeeping organization, but he was not the last. Although Sector 2814 already had a backup Lantern in the person of Guy Gardner, the Guards were forced to replace it after Guy was injured saving a civilian. Jon Stewart became a Green Lantern, although Jordan was not entirely happy with it, believing that Stewart was not suitable. The two initially disagreed on a number of issues, but over time Hal and Jordan began to respect each other like Lanterns and even became friends.

But it’s still strange that Jordan was so against John’s initial recruitment into the Corps. However, a brief incident from their past may shed light on how hostility arose between them. Green Lantern #29 by Jeff Jones and Ivan Reis explores Hal Jordan’s time before he became part of the Green Lantern Corps. Having run away from home on his 18th birthday, he finds his place when he enlists in the Air Force. One night, while idle at a local watering hole, Jordan notices that a Marine is being rude to a woman. When the Marine insists on his assault, Hal kills him, attracting the attention of fellow Marines, including Jordan’s future partner, Jon Stewart. The situation gets out of control and leads to a giant bar fight, in the center of which Jordan and Stuart are fighting.

Is it possible that when Jon Stewart first joined the Green Lantern Corps, he remembered Hal Jordan as the pilot he had a fight with? Maybe, but considering that John only joined the Lanterns a few years after Hal, it’s likely that he forgot the whole incident. What this meeting really shows is how stubborn Stewart and Jordan can be. When they are placed on opposite sides, such as the Marines and the Air Force, it is natural that they come into conflict. And it is clear that two strong-willed people will not immediately become friends just because they work together. Their initial quarrel was a hint that Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan have very similar personality types. This similarity may have initially made them rivals, but it helped them become excellent partners in the Green Lantern Corps.