The Twitch Brunenger Streamer Was Finally Unban After 2 Years


Twitch streamer Brunenger returned to the platform after a two-year ban, marking the event with a festive broadcast.

We have seen an infinite number of streamers forcibly removed from Twitch, although their suspension is usually short.

In Brunenger’s case, his Twitch ban led to an almost two-year absence from the platform. His mere presence has affected the livelihood of other creators, including the likes of TheGrefg, who was banned for showing Bruneneger in a record stream.

Now, after he continued to create content for YouTube and remained in the streaming community, Brunenger’s Twitch account has been restored.

Twitch Streamer Bruneneger Announces the return of Streaming

On December 2, the Twitter account @StreamerBans reported that Brunenger “was unblocked after 1 year, 8 months and 4 weeks!”

It didn’t take long for Brunenger’s page to breathe life back into it, and the Argentine- and Spanish-speaking streamer didn’t hesitate to spread the word.

“Thank you all for your support during the year and a half of the ban,” Brunenger said in a message on the social network to his fans.

The streamer continued: “We’re finally back, I’m waiting for you all this Sunday, April 12 on to celebrate the epic comeback stream.”

Initially, Brunenger was banned for demonstrating toy weapons in his broadcast, which as a result was noted by the platform.

Others took the opportunity to welcome him back into the streaming world by posting a message from Team Heretics: “After almost 2 years, justice has been served. Welcome back to Twitch.”

Brunenger’s first stream on Twitch since last year will take place on December 4, although the streamer has not yet named a specific time.


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