The truth behind the symbols on Lucifer’s bedroom walls


Many times it has been shown the romantic adventures that the favorite demon of all the spectators of the Lucifer series has had, but, the biggest question is not about the women, but the symbols that are in his room that have caught the attention of Many. But, it seems that fans have discovered the truth.


The architecture that Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) apartment possesses is incredible, full of lavish decorations, including ancient manuscripts and incredible illustrations.


But, it seems that fans of the series have managed to reveal the meaning of the symbols found at the entrance to Lucifer Morningstar’s bedroom.


Although this revelation is not completely complete, but it has been possible to explain the art and ancient writing of these symbols, which is known as, cuneiform, but what is this?


“Cuneiform was formed long before Christianity and was used to write the Sumerian language, but was later used by the Akkadians, and added to Assyrian and Babylonian dialects of history.”


According to the fans, the symbols cannot be deciphered very well, since the Lucifer series has used it as a reference and they have placed them all backwards, which complicates their reading much more.


All Lucifer viewers expect to see more mysterious things in the series or references to Christianity, as we talked about in one of our previous notes on the show.


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