The truth behind the fate of Lea, Shaun’s girlfriend


Season 4 of The Good Doctor is giving something to talk about now with Shaun and Lea’s relationship and the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new residents of the hospital. But the actress Paige Spara, revealed a while ago, the fate that her character was going to have.

In our previous note from The Good Doctor, we revealed the bad news that the return of the series will have in January for Dr. Lim, due to the trauma of the coronavirus.

But, some time ago, Lea’s actress, Paige Spara, had revealed the fate that her character was going to have in The Good Doctor series and the reason why it did not happen.

Thanks to the great performance of Spara, her character Lea Dilallo, managed to stay in the series The Good Doctor, since her character was not going to be a regular member of the show.

“Lea Dilallo was only going to appear in 2 episodes of the first season.”

The character Lea Dilallo was only scheduled to appear in 2 episodes, as a guest character, but her actress managed to get a great chemistry with the lead actor Freddie Highmore, who plays Shaun Murphy.

Fans of The Good Doctor loved the “friendship” of these two characters, so they decided to leave her as a regular on the show. But now their relationship is growing little by little.

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