The truth behind Dorcas’s death is revealed


The premiere of season 4 of Sabrina’s hidden world or “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, is preparing for its end, but with the new installment many have realized the number of characters that have died through the program, about everything with what happened to Dorcas that has been revealed.

Remember that Dorcas was a witch, a student at the Academy of Invisible Arts and a member of the Weird Sisters. Which belonged to a powerful trio of girls.

The powerful trio consisted of Dorcas, Prudence, and Agatha, who initially despised Sabrina Spellman for being half-deadly and strong.

However, Dorcas later changed her mind about Sabrina, when she was one of the witches and warlocks saved by the Spellmans after Faustus Blackwood tried to poison the entire coven.

Unfortunately Dorcas’s fate was written in the show’s third season, after being turned to stone by Nagaina and then being killed by “Professor Carcosa.”

The truth is that Professor Carcosa was the Great God of Pan, who drove his partner Agatha crazy to plant the kiss of Judas on Dorcas, causing her death.

Although Pan ended up being killed by Prudence, avenging the death of her sister, the damage had already been done, the effort that Sabrina made to go back in time was not enough to bring her back.

Unfortunately, season 4 of Sabrina’s hidden world is the end of the program, as stated by the Netflix platform some time ago.


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