The Truth Behind Decision To Assassinate Agent Clayton Reeves In CBS Drama


NCIS, the naval crime investigation drama that has been broadcast since 2003 through the US television network CBS, remains on the air with season 19, which is scheduled to return to fan screens with an upcoming episode, the Monday, January 3, 2022.

Since the series first debuted, NCIS fans have met a host of characters. Many of them became his favorites, but sadly the writers of the series have a habit of breaking the hearts of the viewers by handing them over to death, as happened with the MI6 officer who served as liaison with NCIS, Clayton Reeves.

The character played by Duane Henry came to NCIS at the end of season 13 and stayed with the role until the fifteenth installment in 2018, appearing in a total of 28 episodes until he met his death after being killed by two shots in the series. the chest, by former army specialist Kent Marshall.

Agent Reeves’ tragic departure was devastating not only for her friend Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), but also for the vast majority of NCIS fans, who were left wondering what was the reason for her early departure from the CBS crime drama. Duane Henry explained the story behind his departure from the hit crime drama, after his character became a key member of the team.

As fans will recall, on NCIS Abby invited Reeves to dinner at a new restaurant, but as they were walking home, a robber pulled out a gun and demanded the money before shooting. To protect her friend, Reeves stood in front of her and received two hits that killed him a short time later.

The truth is that Duane Henry should have appeared with his character for much longer on NCIS, had it not been for the death in real life of the crime drama showrunner, Gary Glasberg, since he was the one who added him to the cast. Therefore, the death of Special Agent Reeves was not planned from the moment he first arrived on the show. The actor explained to Parade why his character had to leave the plot.

“… a lot of the ideas for my character died with him [Gary Glasberg]. It was very difficult [for the other writers] to rush and build sets and scenes for this character because it was all in Gary’s head, and it was at the beginning and nobody I expected that. ”

Henry says that years after Reeves’ death, he still receives messages from NCIS fans saying that his departure “hits them in his own personal way.” At the time of landing the role, Henry was struggling financially with no stable place to live, so the drama came at the right time.