The truth behind Cade’s death and Crawford’s firing

NCIS New Orleans returned for the start of Season 7 in November 2020, following the shocking murder of Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black). The cycle of events that led to the charming agent’s untimely death involved Chris’s brother Cade. However, no one knew how Cade’s disappearance would lead to a much bigger story.

On the one hand, Christopher discovered that his brother Cade had disappeared after he left to confront a drug ring. Likewise, the son of his girlfriend had been selling drugs and Cade wanted to tackle the problem head-on so he went to the dealers.

However, this did not end as expected as it resulted in his disappearance and Christopher decided to track down his brother. Unfortunately for the agent, by the time he managed to reach his brother, it was too late as he had been killed and presumably burned to death.

This prompted Christopher to go on a mission to get revenge on Cade’s behalf. In turn, with the help of a merchant’s girlfriend, Sue-Ann Hughes (Lucy Faust), he found a hunting lodge where the murder might have taken place.

But in a shocking moment, someone broke in with a pistol in hand and began firing. So Christopher jumped in front of Sue-Ann and took the bullets for her, which was heroic but devastating at the same time that the agent later died in hospital from her injuries.

But why did Clayne Crawford leave NCIS New Orleans? Crawford may only have starred in a handful of episodes of NCIS New Orleans, but her presence was felt on a regular basis, as Christopher often spoke about him.

However, he kept busy when he was not in the CBS drama and starred in two seasons of Lethal Weapon, which premiered in 2016. When Lucas Black announced that he would be leaving NCIS New Orleans, Cade’s ongoing story was no longer needed and, therefore, Cade’s (Clayne Crawford) departure became entangled with Christopher’s.

Similarly, there is no official reason why the actor has left the show, however, Crawford was previously involved in a lot of drama with his other series Lethal Weapon so the bad comments generated after scouts could have also led to his dismissal. from NCIS New Orleans.



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