The Truth As To Why Rachel Showed Up With A Bandage At The End Of Season 9


The long-awaited comedy series Friends, aired on NBC from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, was such a resounding success that it has not been forgotten by the original fans and has managed to draw new generations into its cult.

This is demonstrated by the success their 10 seasons have had on streaming services that literally fight for the broadcast rights of Friends. It is also exposed in the conversations they hold on social networks, those who venerate this production that can now only be found in available on the HBO Max transmission platform.

One of those conversations took place precisely on Reddit, where Friends fans revealed a rather peculiar detail, which draws attention in the last two episodes of season 9 of the series that, in the history that take place in Las Bahamas.

In those episodes of Friends, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) wears a bandage on her left arm during some scenes; And although the character was not seen hurting himself during the plot, this detail caused great curiosity among comedy fans, who did not rest until they found the reason why the actress covered her arm.

According to statements made by the sitcom production in 2003, Jennifer Aniston cut her arm a small cut and had to wear this bandage to relieve pain while hiding the wound while filming her scenes on the scene. Season 9 of Friends.

Importantly, this was not the first time that a star from the Friends cast was injured on set. In season 3, it was Matt LeBlanc who must have played Joey Tribiani with a great pain in his arm, after suffering an accident in a scene from the episode “The one who has trouble preparing.”

During that recording of Friends, the Joey interpreter dislocated his shoulder after falling after trying to jump on a piece of furniture. In the following episode, fans saw LeBlanc wearing a brace on his left arm, which is explained in the plot by an alleged fall that Joey would have suffered after jumping on his bed a few times.