The Truth About Luther Can Show Us The Experiments


The second season of the Netflix show The Umbrella Academy reveals that there is enough evidence to suggest that the serum came from the blood of Pogo, the chimpanzee butler who worked for Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

The correlations between Luther and Pogo at The Umbrella Academy cannot simply be a coincidence. There seems to be a major reason why the original serum used on Pogo was later given to Luther.

Reginald could have used Pogo’s genetic makeup and created something that would alter his ape traits. Due to the dire consequences, Reginald was forced to use the serum on Pogo earlier than expected at The Umbrella Academy.

Perhaps Reginald continued to experiment with the serum, using Pogo’s blood as the main ingredient. The fact that Luther became undeniably ape-like must have a connection to Pogo at The Umbrella Academy.

The serum worked on Pogo, which gave Reginald more motivation in his work continuing with the substance. Pogo could have been the key to the serum’s success at The Umbrella Academy.

This may have convinced Reginald that the chimpanzee’s blood was a valuable source. Hopefully, Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy will delve into the connections between Luther and Pogo.

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