The truth about Harry Styles and his Faster involvement


Harry Styles and Brad Pitt together? The truth about his participation in “Faster, Cheaper, Better”. The singer is no stranger to cinema, his acting debut was thanks to “Dunkirk”, a war film by Christopher Nolan where he played a British soldier, he was also close to becoming prince “Erick” from The Little Mermaid, but preferred to focus on its music. How close are you to working with a Hollywood star?


According to the film distributor Vértice, the first reports explained that Harry Styles would be part of the cast of the movie “Faster, Cheaper, Better” by Dan Gilroy, a utopian story that portrays how artificial intelligence gains ground in the future and causes changes in the trucking industry.

The synopsis will portray the lives of 4 characters, a businessman, a union leader, a young farmer and a technological millionaire. They also assured that Jennifer Aniston would be part of the project, obtaining an irreparable meeting with him ex Brad Pitt.

Before the news, Harry Styles fans unleashed euphoria on social networks, as it would be his return as an actor after “Dunkirk”; however, sadly the news has been denied by Brad Pitt’s representative.

According to the ET Canada portal, the representative of the Hollywood star assured that all these stories are completely false, which put an end to the illusions of the Harries, who were excited to see exOneDirection next to a great figure from the cinema.


The rumors took hold because Harry Styles was in Italy a few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, but he surprised everyone with his new look, a mustache in the style of the 80s, characterization for the movie? Although “Faster, Cheaper, Better” is a reality, the singer’s participation is ruled out.

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Although it could be a strategy in view of the leakage of said information ahead of time, since the film will just begin its pre-production and it is expected to start filming at the end of the year or early 2021, Harry postponed his “Love on Tour” tour due to the pandemic .


The British actor’s skills are not a surprise, as he surprised with his participation in Saturday Night Live, where he made several sketches as part of the promotions of “Fine Line”, he has also hosted “The Late Late Show” by James Corden.


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