The true story behind the twin sisters that was shown

THE GOOD DOCTOR - "Islands Part One" - Dr. Marcus Andrews enlists Dr. Neil Melendez on a very sensitive kidney transplant between a pair of twins whose lives intersect in more ways than one. Meanwhile, overwhelmed by Dr. Aaron Glassman's attempts to have him meet with a therapist and the demands at work, Dr. Shaun Murphy decides to take an impromptu trip with his friend Lea and leave everything behind, on "The Good Doctor," MONDAY, JAN. 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ed Araquel) ELIZABETH HINKLER, EMILY HINKLER, HILL HARPER, ANTONIA THOMAS

The Good Doctor has surprised all its viewers not only for the doctor Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), but also for the medical stories they usually show, many of them based on real events such as that of the twin sisters Jenny and Katie Kunkler.

The history

In The Good Doctor, Jenny and Katie were taken to the hospital for a kidney transplant, but in order to perform the operation that was extremely vital. They had to be separated since they were united by his head.

The operation was not so complete and the girls decide to have the operation, however, after the operation Jenny wakes up, but her sister Katie hers remained in a coma. Starting the doubts about whether Katie would live or not, plus Jenny also needed a heart transplant.

Dr. Neil Meléndez (Nicholas Gonzalez) says that Katie, who was in a coma with little chance of survival, would be the perfect person for Jenny’s heart transplant. So that you understand better, we leave you the video of these sad stories of the twin sisters Jenny and Katie.

What is known about them

Twin sisters Jenny and Katie Kunkler, are played by actresses Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler, in real life these twin sisters were never together, each of them were born an hour apart.

The statements by the sisters have caused empathy towards them, where they tell how was the performance and their personal life of being twins, which according to them “sometimes it is not easy to have a twin”.

“We describe our relationship practically as if we were married, I think that is how those of all those who are twins are.”

“It’s like an old marriage, but obviously without sex. If Elizabeth hurts herself from her, she would do all of her for her to eat, wash clothes, take care of her ”.

The twins in addition to having their joint work on The Good Doctor, the girls have done performances on New Girl, Modern Family, Jane the Virgin, and Dream Corp.


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