The true meaning of the title of the episode “Better call Saul” in the TV series “Breaking Bad”


Better call Saul“, season 6, episode 11 of the TV series “Breaking Bad“. The first nine issues of season 6 of “Better Call Saul” followed a strict template of headlines: “Wine and Roses”, “Point and Shoot”, “Fun and Games”, etc. “Better Call Saul” broke this template as soon as Jimmy McGill’s backstory came to an end. , and the 10th episode, dedicated to genes, was named simply “Nippy” in honor of the fake lost dog that attracted poor Marion’s attention. Viewers were left to speculate whether the 11th episode would resume as normal or continue with custom titles.

Almost trolling fans waiting for the announced cameos of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Thomas Schnauz (executive producer) confirmed that the 11th episode of the 6th season “Better call Saul” will be called “Breaking Bad” in honor of the cult parent series. , which first introduced Saul to Goodman performed by Bob Odenkirk. World. At first glance, the reason for the name is clear — this is where “Better Call Saul” officially enters the territory of “Breaking Bad”, intersecting with the second season of the original series. However, on closer inspection, the title of the 11th episode of season 6, “Better Call Saul,” makes sense on two other levels.

The much—publicized part begins with Walt and Jesse dragging Saul Goodman into the desert-a recreated moment from the second season of the TV series Breaking Bad. the whole series of spin-offs. As the spin-off throws Jimmy McGill back into the back of Walt and Jesse’s van into a hastily dug grave, the episode titles are beautifully flipped. The scene of Saul’s abduction in the desert was originally played out in the episode of the TV series “Breaking Bad” “Better call Saul”. The abduction scene in the desert continues in the episode of the TV series “Better Call Saul” “Breaking Bad”.

Like “Better Call Saul”, the title “Breaking Bad” is related to the chronology of the Genie

And that’s not all — the title of the 11th episode of the 6th season “Better call Saul” “Breaking Bad” is also directly related to the events on the timeline of Gene Takavich. By the end of “Nippy,” Gene had rediscovered the image of “Sliding Jimmy,” but resisted the temptation to buy a Saul Goodman shirt and tie combination and aggressively told Jeff and Buddy that their criminal gang was ready—don’t be greedy. . Gene’s determination persists for the entire 15 minutes before he returns to Marion’s garage, convincing Jeff Pat Healy to commit a new scam.

A classic scam in which rich people are drugged and robbed, the scheme turns out to be extremely successful, but when Gene encounters a victim undergoing cancer treatment, he finds himself at a crossroads. Rob this seriously ill person or cancel the job? Despite Buddy’s loud protests (and Jeff’s not so loud protests), Gene strongly insists on continuing the scam, ignoring a huge number of moral and practical reasons to leave the cancer patient alone.

At that moment, Gene left the Slippin’ Jimmy station and rolled headfirst into Saul Goodman Canyon, refusing to draw an ethical line in the sand. Having lived a calm, crime—free life of a Cinnabon manager (then committing a one-time robbery of a shopping center in which no one was injured), Gene Takavich finally couldn’t stand it, giving the 11th episode of the 6th season of the TV series The series “Better call Saul” has an even deeper meaning – it’s not just a signal about the arrival of Walt and Jesse, but a tribute respect for the second season of Breaking Bad.


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