The trigger of Harley Quinn’s murder Confirms Her Most Important Principle


Of all the ways to annoy Harley Quinn, there is one of her favorite calluses that is guaranteed to set anyone on her bad side. Jimmy Olsen learned this the hard way when he crossed paths with Quinn during her brief stay in Metropolis.

Ever since she joined the DC universe as the Joker’s sidekick, Harley has never been squeamish when it comes to the act of killing. Whether it was a large cotton pistol or a huge hammer, Quinn demonstrated not only convenience in killing, but also skill in it. However, in recent years she has calmed down. Being an antihero, Harley Quinn is still quite combat-ready and can defeat people several times her size. But without the Joker’s influence, it seems that Harley just doesn’t have the killer instinct she had when she was around her ex pudding. At the same time, even when she wasn’t with the Joker during one of their many breakups, Harley discovered a trigger that could cause the worst in her.

In Harley Quinn’s “Bright Lights, Big City” arc, Harley and her closest ally Poison Ivy head to Metropolis to change the scene and give Harley a chance to torment Superman’s buddy, Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy lied to Harley about loving Talia al Ghul, which caused Quinn to take revenge on an experienced Daily Planet photographer. She even manages to sneak into the newspaper office, posing as a novel columnist named “Holly Chance”, just to get a chance to get revenge. In Carl Kessel and Terry Dodson’s Harley Quinn #19, Harley’s time in Metropolis is coming to an end, and Jimmy asks what he did to deserve her anger. According to Harley, lying about love is simply unforgivable.

And yes, she does try to kill the photographer, but Superman, as always, saves Jimmy Olsen. But all the misadventures in Metropolis give an opportunity to look at Harley Quinn shrewdly. After all, Harley had spent years in a terrible relationship with the Joker, and she seemed to have grown younger when she met Poison Ivy. It seems that more than anything, love is the force that drives Harley in almost everything she does.

Every hero or villain has some kind of value that drives them. Batman is built on revenge, Superman inspires hope, and even the Joker appreciates humor to the core. It makes sense that Harley is driven by romance. Whether it’s the Joker or Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn just loves love and considers it something to be cherished, not manipulated or used for anyone’s benefit. After all, Harley doesn’t just want to give and receive love, she wants others to consider her as precious as she is. It really fits with Harley Quinn’s character that she would be willing to seriously injure or kill someone who is trying to pervert the value she holds so dear.